Still coming soon… The Tor!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here, writing wise. I’ve added several new ideas to the “to write” list, written a couple of short stories (one of which is going to be published in a brand new magazine, one of which I’m still waiting to hear back about), had a piece of flash fiction selected as QuarterReads’ free story of the week, sketched out most of the ideas for my Reformed sequel, more-or-less completed drafting the structure of a sci-fi horror I’ve been thinking about (title TBC), and finished the first draft of The Tor. Phew!

I say ‘finished’. I’d envisaged The Tor to be a two-part series, but the follow-up (which was to be entitled Dadeni Cottage, and focus on events taking place at the cottage) looks like it may be too short to be a stand-alone novel/novella, so I’m writing it into the novel proper. I’m going to finish that final part over the next few weeks, and then concentrate on other stories for a week or two before returning to The Tor for the final edit and proofread.

So The Tor will be arriving later than planned. Bad news? Not really. What was to be a fairly straightforward supernatural horror is now a less straightforward supernatural horror taking place over about thirty years of so, and encompasses two generations of the same family – as well as several recurring themes and characters (yes, the idea dump is that well developed, for the most part. I already know which characters will appear in other stories, and which themes are going to reach across novels). It’s all in my head, and in more detail than I realise once I start writing – I just have to get it down on paper now!

Speaking of which, I’m off to tinker with The Tor a little.

Careful how you sleep; you share the night with more than just dreams, you know…